About The Author: Jack Sprouse

My hometown is Dallas, Texas, although I now live in Lewisville, a few miles north of Dallas. I’ve lived all around the country, but my heart has always found its way back to Texas. I am a Native Texan but I claim dual citizenship with the State of  Colorado, the second home of my heart.

I studied American History at Texas Tech, in Lubbock, and my fields of greatest historical interest are The American Civil War and World War II. I served in the United States Navy as a crewmember on an ASW (Anti-Submarine-Warfare) patrol aircraft.

Writing fiction is my passion. I just love making stuff up (my mom used to punish me for doing that when I was a kid). I have written two books of historical fiction:

Adventures in Time I, The American Civil War; (37,000 words)

Adventures in Time II, The American West (40,000 words).

These are both Walter Mitty type stories in which I place myself back in time as a war correspondent following historical events and interviewing the major players in those events.

I’ve also written two books of original poetry: The Quiet Place & Dreams of a Forgotten Man. Both books contain approx. 50 original poems from the heart on various subjects; Life, love, family, friendship, relationships, war, conflict, and tragedy.

A novel entitled The House Wren, is a saga of a fictional Texas family (174,000 words).

A novel, On Neptune Wings, is a love story set in the 1960’s against the backdrop of a US Navy Patrol Squadron (48,000 words).

A novel entitled Clare, (37,000 words), is about a 24-year-old woman who faces life with quiet confidence and inner turmoil. She experiences love, hurt and uncertainty, sexual harassment in the workplace, and tragedy. She meets and falls in love with a man named Evan in their first year of college. Evan contracts to work for an oil company for two years in Indonesia while Clare goes to work for the City of Denver, Colorado and waits for his return. When the love of her life is reported killed, she is devastated and struggles to find reason to go on. Finally, believing she will never be happy again, she agrees to settle for a life with a man she knows she will never love. But her life takes a dramatic turn, at its darkest point, just before the dawn. The story takes place in and around Denver, Colorado and on the Island of Sulawesi, in Indonesia.

A novel entitled Magnolia Road (49,000 words) tells an improbable love story between a girl from Vermont and a rancher from Colorado. She is purposeful and dedicated to her chosen calling in life. He is an unapologetic womanizer who lives life one day at a time and never seeks to be anything but what he is. When they meet and fall in love, she becomes his purpose in life and he becomes the only thing she needs or wants. They must separate for four years in order for her to fulfill an obligation she made before they met. That separation will either destroy their relationship or make it stronger.

A Novel, A Bowl full of Grapes, 117,000 words. It is the story of a California family that experiences economic turmoil due to the bursting of the Telecom bubble in 2002. They are forced to relocate to Texas, where the father has been offered a job. The story depicts their new life, new loves, and new opportunities, in Dallas.

A Novel, False River, 48,000 words. This is the story of life, love and unrequited love, murder, intrigue, retribution and reconciliation, in the small town of New Roads, Louisiana.


Thank you for your interest, and please enjoy.

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